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>Yama Saraj

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Yama Saraj

Yama Saraj

Yama Saraj is an entrepreneur and a "social hacktivist" as he calls himself. He was born in Kabul Afghanistan, raised in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and is now based in Paris, France where he is lecturing in R&D at an MBA school.Before he has been working in developing assistance in Kosovo, DR Congo, and his country of origin Afghanistan. As a boxer and sports enthusiast, he wants to leverage on the healing and bonding power of sports, especially for war-torn societies. As he states "Ironically, practicing martial arts can help us go towards a society with less violence and competition." Hence he founded a startup called  SensAi, a connected punching made from car tires, on a mission to bring mental and physical resilience training accessible and affordable for a wider audience. Currently, he is in a program with Olympic boxing medalist Sarah Ourahmoun and US Embassy.Recently, he has been a Venture Capital Fellow with Included.VC. Experiencing the many challenges people of migrant descent face to raise funds and witnessing the lack of representation, Yama is now working on setting up a fund to invest in migrant talent.

Founder of SensAi.