Think Global. Inside Out

Join us at our annual summit and gear up to build international teams for a global market.

Meet the world’s bravest pioneers, pitch, network and learn at this gathering of world-shaking minds.


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Get Matched at the Investors Room

Meet the investor, pitch your startup, get a chance to close a deal and take away insightful feedback! This year, we’re bringing back the Investor Room, an exclusive opportunity for 75 startups to sit down and have a one-on-one conversation with an investor and pitch their business.

Join the Startup World Cup

The summit will host the Europe-MENA regional competition for the Startup World Cup to qualify one winner to the grand finale of the competition to pitch in Silicon Valley in 2022.
10 startups will the chance to pitch their ideas on stage for a chance to go to Silicon Valley and win $1 Million investment.

Participating Investors