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>Tey Al-Rjula

About The Speaker

Tey Al-Rjula

Founder of FLUUS. Author of The Invisible Son.Tey's story is an unlikely one. Labeled as The Invisible Man at the age of 5 to becoming one literally in the Netherlands 25 years later. He is an early adopter of Bitcoin, Pioneering the use of blockchain to break financial and identity barriers. He started a tech4good company that helps others like him. His journey ultimately led him to the realization of his life's mission: turning invisible people into invincible ones.Tey founded Tykn, a blockchain startup to empower stateless people to have virtual identity which raised over $1.5 million, and then went on to co-found FLUUS, a crypto startup that operates in countries where the financial system is broken.Through his work in a tech company, writer, speaker, and a holder of MSc in Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technology he is determined to become a billionaire. Not in terms of money but in positively touching the lives of billions of people. Tey's story is a passionate account of perseverance and determination that will leave you on the edge of your seat.