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>Sara Elemary

About The Speaker

Sara Elemary

Sara Elemary is an Egyptian fashion designer who developed an immense passion for women empowerment and fashion design as she grew up. She studied Business Marketing at AAST University in Cairo, however, her pursuit of a career in fashion design prevailed as she sought truths about her identity and calling. Elemary’s early life has deeply impacted her inspirations, beliefs, and values. She dealt with numerous pressures and challenges that led her to develop a deeper insight on the life she wanted to pursue. Coming from a different educational background, Elemary was persistent to learn how to access the fashion industry and deal with the dilemmas she faced. Her concept for starting a clothing line was born out of the demands that were placed on her and her own quest to discover a look that suited her personality and fashion needs. The designer felt the urge to reintroduce the notion of modesty and communicate that a woman’s clothing can be fashionable and functional at the same time. For those reasons, Elemary has developed deep appreciation for her obstacles and the way that they have shaped her identity. She is fervent about feminism and encouraging other women to be persistent as well as to find and express their passions in life.