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>Mounir Sheikh

About The Speaker

Mounir Sheikh

Senior Account Manager at Facebook.Mounir Sheikh is a Senior Account Manager at Facebook, partnering with businesses across the Middle East and North Africa on digital transformation. He consults businesses on identifying key business opportunities, strategizing marketing implementation plans, and operationalizing go-to market strategies to maximize potential across the customer value chain. Mounir has consulted hundreds of businesses in the MENA region on digital marketing solutions.Before joining Facebook, Mounir worked at Google, developing product growth strategies for YouTube in Africa, as well as UBS Bank, where he supported in client acquisition and investment portfolio building. Mounir graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor’s in Finance, and lived between the United States, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, and now Ireland.Mounir’s passions lie at the intersection of business, technology, and globalization. Topics that   excite him include how to analyze and effectively use big data to scale businesses online, how to elevate local brands to the global storefront, and how to capture attention and inspire action in a mobile-first world.