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>Mohamed Abo El-Enin

About The Speaker

Mohamed Abo El-Enin

Mohamed Abo El-Enin is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) with strong and various experience in Project and Product Management, Personal Branding, and Corporate Training. Mohamed is currently holding the Programs Manager position at Startups Without Borders for regional entrepreneurship and innovation projects.Abo El-Enin's interests are revolving around technology, innovation, business and marketing. Since he thinks that "Those who can, also teach", he was not merely satisfied with working in these fields, but also decided to freelance as a lecturer and a trainer as well. His 6 years of training experience started from his belief that he must pass the knowledge bestowed upon him. He conducted workshops with different local and international entities such as the American Embassy in Cairo, the League of Arab States, and P&G Corporate.Abo El-Enin believes in his role to serve his community by volunteering offline and online. His favorite motto is "Online content never dies''. He published a book entitled “Personal Branding from A to B”. You can also find his different online on 8 e-learning platforms, and parts of his free courses can be found on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mAboElEninRabee