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>Hussein Abou Bakr

About The Speaker

Hussein Abou Bakr

Hussein has over 18 years of hands-on commercial and opera7onal experience in Agribusinesses. He is a 3rd genera7on agribusiness owner and operator with a focus on high value added products, such as herbs, spices and pickles, that are exported to the US and EU. While working in his family-owned business, Fridal, Hussein led the team that developed a 5,000 acres farm in the Bahareya Oasis that has become one of the largest herbs and spices farms in Egypt. AKer working in his family business for more than 10 years, in 2016, he founded PlanOorm; a leading agribusiness that sources from, and supports, smallholder farmers in 7 governerates. PlanOorm produces packed food products that are 100% exported to US and EU-based retail and HORECA clients. 5 years later, Hussein co-founded Mozare3, the leading Agri-Fintech PlaOorm that partners with small farmers. Mozare3 main products are: econtract farming; financing of agri-inputs; and digital agronomy support through the app.