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>Bassam Sharkawy

About The Speaker

Bassam Sharkawy

Bassam is the Co-founder & Engineering Manager at Sprints, where building skillful calibers in the field of SW engineering is his sole passion. Bassam has 12 years of experience in the SW industry, especially in the field of IoT. Previously, Bassam co-founded an IoT SW solutions startup in 2012. During his professional career as a software engineer, he worked on developing various power-efficient IoT applications using different technologies/protocol stacks. He worked in different industrial fields where he contributed to 2 FDA-approved products in health tech. Bassam worked closely with multilingual multicultural teams from US, China and Europe; working with huge corporations allowed him to get exposed to different organisational cultures, managers, leaders, and industrial gurus where he saw the potential of SW calibers in MEA.