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>Amy Mowafi

About The Speaker

Amy Mowafi

Co-Founder and CEO of MO4 Network.Amy Mowafi is the Co-Founder and CEO of MO4 Network which is one of the leading creative and media agencies in Egypt. Born and raised in the U.K., Amy moved to Egypt in 2002 and has been living there since then. She began her professional career by joining ‘Enigma’ an Egyptian Lifestyle magazine as a writer and worked her way up to Managing Editor.In 2012, Amy started MO4 with her three brothers, which has grown from a team of four siblings and two developers to over 200 people now, with offices in Cairo and Dubai, and soon in London. Today the agency powers a number of the biggest content platforms in the Middle East – Cairozoom.com, Cairoscene.com, Startupsceneme.com, Scenenoise.com, SceneArabia.com, SceneEats, and elfasla.com.