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Meet the world’s bravest pioneers, pitch, network and learn at this gathering of world-shaking minds.


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Global Horizons

Entra in un mondo di possibilità infinite, dove l'innovazione oltrepassa le frontiere e nuovi orizzonti iniziano a prendere forma. Questa edizione del Summit esplorerà come possiamo sfruttare il potere della tecnologia per costruire nuovi orizzonti globali per un mondo più sostenibile. Avevamo una visione per gli imprenditori di navigare le linee sfocate tra le idee e la realtà, creando uno spazio in cui il capitale, la tecnologia e l'innovazione interagiscono per plasmare un futuro sostenibile per le generazioni future. Dalle tecnologie all'avanguardia di intelligenza artificiale, all'Internet Of Things (IoT), alle tendenze emergenti nei mercati in crescita, Global Horizons offrirà una piattaforma per esplorare, collaborare e tracciare il cammino verso il futuro.


Global Horizons

Ralph Aoun is a Global Marketing Manager at Meta specializing in Performance, Commerce and Cross-Border Business. Prior to this role, he worked on the

Golden Gate Ventures

Michael Lints has 20+ years of experience as a startup operator and investor. He is currently a partner at the Singapore-based VC Golden Gate Ventures

Sawari Ventures

Chairman of Sawari Ventures.Ahmed El Alfi has been an early stage/growth investor for over 35 years, translating to an extensive experience in fun

Arzan VC

Founder and Managing Partner of Arzan VC. Hasan J. Zainal founded Arzan VC in 2013, making it one of the earliest venture capital firms to start in

El Qahera El youm

A mother of two girls and a career-oriented woman, Rana Arafa is a renowned TV presenter with an experience of over 17 years. She is also a health co

Olympic Coach

Co-Founder of the Yusra Mardini Foundation (USA) and the Butterfly by Yusra Mardini Association (Germany). As the former swimming coach of Yusr

Hashim is a Regional Product Lead covering Europe, Middle East and Africa at Google, in the Go-To-Market Team which sits at the intersection between S

Geneva Business School

President of Upside Africa and Leadership Coach.Jane Oma is a seasoned professional in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Strategy, Di

Venture builder, investor

Mohamed Aboulnaga "Nagaty" is an emerging markets' venture builder, investor and tech-entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in tech-entrepreneursh

Founder of FLUUS. Author of The Invisible Son.Tey's story is an unlikely one. Labeled as The Invisible Man at the age of 5 to becoming one literal


Co-Founder and CEO of MO4 Network.Amy Mowafi is the Co-Founder and CEO of MO4 Network which is one of the leading creative and media agencies in E

Regional Manager of Techstars MEA.Ahmad is a social entrepreneur, startup, and collaborative economy activist. He works as the Middle East and Afr

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Incontra un investitore, presenta la tua startup, avrai l'opportunità di concludere un affare - o di ricevere preziosi feedback! La Sala degli Investitori offrirà alle startup un'opportunità esclusiva di sedersi e avere una conversazione one-on-one con gli investitori della nostra esclusiva rete di venture capital e Angel Investor in Europa, Medio Oriente e USA.

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Chi Finanzia Il Summit

Chi Finanzia Il Summit

Compagnie Che Parteciperanno

Compagnie Che Parteciperanno

Investitori Partecipanti

Investitori Partecipanti

Startup Without Borders Summit 2023

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The Summit

We met the first investor for our startup dKilo at the Startups Without Borders Summit 2021. We can't wait to see what these amazing entrepreneurs have in store for us!

Mohamed Mousa
<Founder of dKilo/>

It was at this conference that I met my co-founder, and together we went on to create FLUUS. The summit was not only educational and inspiring, but also provided opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Suleiman Ali
<Co-founder of FLUUS/>

Amazing, Energizing. I am so happy I was invited to speak at the Startups Without Borders Summit. The speakers were great and I loved the diversity in the sessions.”

Brigitte Baumann
<TOP 50 most influential women in venture capital in Europe/>

“I don’t think there is anyone doing what Startups Without Borders is doing in that holistic way. It’s not just an ecosystem, not just a training platform, but all of those things combined.”

Amy Mowafi
<CEO of MO4Network/>