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>Waleed Khalil

About The Speaker

Waleed Khalil

Managing Partner at DEN VC.Waleed Khalil is an engineer, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of DEN VC. He was a partner of Endure Capital between 2016 until mid of 2022. During those few years, Endure Capital became one of the exceptional VC performers in several regions of the world and in several verticals. Endure did early investments in companies like Boom Supersonic, Aspect Biosystems in North America, Numan, and Fat Lama in the UK, Maxab, mawdoo3, and Breadfast in the MENA region. In 2012, Waleed joined Griffin Worx NGO in Oklahoma, USA as a VP of Entrepreneurship. He extended his efforts from mentoring startups to educating business mentors through masterclasses in Africa & ME. Waleed spent a great deal of his career manufacturing consumer electronics products in Egypt, Taiwan & Hong Kong. Waleed holds a bachelor degree in electronics engineering from Cairo university, and an MBA in finance from the American University in Cairo.