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>Salma Medhat

About The Speaker

Salma Medhat

Salma Medhat is the CEO & co-founder of Hiryo, a global award-winning personal safety and coordination mobile app focusing on family and women’s safety. In today’s fast-paced world, Hiryo empowers users and their loved ones to stay connected, informed, safe, and protected, wherever they are. Moreover, Hiryo is committed to combating all forms of gender-based violence, fostering safer public spaces for everyone.Salma graduated from the German University in Cairo in 2020 with a Computer Science & Engineering degree. As a dynamic entrepreneur, software engineer, and product designer, she built over 20 exceptional apps serving 4+ million users in diverse fields like fintech, waste management, employment, etc. Salma is dedicated to leveraging technology for social impact and crafting user-centric solutions that enhance lives.