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>Mohammed El Okby

About The Speaker

Mohammed El Okby

Mohammed El Okby serves as the Media Adviser to Egypt's Minister of Planning &Economic Development, D.r Hala EI-Said, since mid-2020 to date. Dr El Okby is also the Ministry's Official Spokesperson. Before that, El Okby has occupied the same position at the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity. Throughout his five years of serving in the Egyptian government, El-Okby has formed a vast net work of dynamic relations with local a n d international media and decision-makers. And during that period he managed and organized several international a n d local events. He has, also, played a n active part in designing, developing and launching the media strategies for several Egyptian laws and mega projects issued and implemented by the Egyptian Government. El-Okby enjoys an extensive professional experience in the media field, spanning for more than 20 years, during which he practiced journalism, content creation for television, planning advertising and media campaigns, and managing major media events, and has been awarded several distinguishedEgyptian a n d Arab awards. El-Okby has previously worked as a T.V. presenter in several talk shows, the most prominent of which is "Mn El A'kher program that aired for three years on Rotana Masrvia Channel. Moreover, El-Okby has held other different positions in the media field, such as editor-in-chief of several TV shows. In addition to his media career, El Okby has led a long academic path, which began with his graduation from the university and his appointment as a Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Arts, Helwan University, until he obtained his Ph.D. in 2015, and he teaches regularly at Helwan University and several other distinquished Egyptian universities. El-Okby, also, has long experience in the fields of training and developing communications strategies for government institutions and private companies.