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>Hamzeh Ghosheh

About The Speaker

Hamzeh Ghosheh

Hamzeh is the founder and CEO of Naviatx Co, where Maslak app was developed to measure driving behavior using telematics to identify safety levels for insurance and ride-sharing companies, fleet owners and transportation companies without having to connect any hardware devices to the vehicle. Hamzeh has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the digital financial infrastructure in Palestine through innovative telematics solutions and strategic partnerships. He has successfully established Naviatx as the first MENA-based telematics company and only InsurTech company in Palestine, and has driven growth, profitability and value via strategic partnerships. As a leading business and financial expert in the Palestinian economy, Hamzeh Ghosheh has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. His expertise in the areas of financial literacy and inclusion, Financial Technology, and InsurTech, has led to numerous achievements that would make him a valuable speaker at our summit. In his role as a Business Development Specialist and Financial and Investment Consultant for Finbloom Financial Management Solutions, Hamzeh has made a significant impact on the Palestinian economy by advising on Fintech matters and conducting gap analysis, designing interventions and implementing action plans. He has played a crucial role in the development of eKYC and DFID projects, which have contributed to the growth of the digital financial ecosystem in Palestine. He has also been able to increase the company’s customer base, improve client satisfaction, and increase revenue, achieving the company’s objectives.