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>Farah Faheem

About The Speaker

Farah Faheem

Farah Faheem is the Principal Architect of Karm Architecture Lab (KAL), an architecture and construction firm in Cairo that specializes in high-performance architecture and sustainable urban design solutions. With over 11 years of experience in the Middle East and Egypt, and since joining KAL 7 years ago, Farah has focused on the far-reaching benefits and overarching economical and physiological values of environmental and high-performing architectural and urban designs. It is her belief that adaptive, human-centric, and Biophilic-driven architecture that nurtures the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature will inevitably become the only way forward for urban developments in Egypt and the region. This vision may be achieved when developers, homeowners, and the public foster greater awareness of the countless benefits of intelligent designs, ensuring that communities that are deeply affected by urban and architectural developments are the greatest beneficiaries of thoughtfully designed built spaces, whilst becoming a part of a community- driven and healthy urban fabric.