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>Eman Askar

About The Speaker

Eman Askar

A multipotentialite with the mission to inspire. For 12 years, Eman has been professionally helping entities tell their impactful stories, spread their messages, and communicate complicated information in creative, simple, and entertaining ways. It all started with her 5-year long job as a science communicator with Nutty Scientists where she would create and perform shows for children that help them understand scientific concepts while having fun! Then, for the following 5 years, Eman gained experience in the media industry when she worked in the creative team of Axeer studio and Giraffics. In the second half of 2020, Eman was ready to unleash more of her creative energy and so, she created “Emma’s World” to post her own content with a mission to inspire individuals to become the best versions of themselves and help in building healthier communities. One of her songs, “The story of Palestine”, went viral on an international level which gave her the opportunity of a bigger and more diverse audience and earned her “The Communicator Award” from TRT World Citizen Awards in 2021. In 2022, she joined Untap, an innovation and talent discovery platform, as a content director while consistently creating weekly inspiring content on Emma’s World.