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>Ahella El Saban

About The Speaker

Ahella El Saban

Co-founder/ Chief Commercial Officer for Exits.me.Ahella El Saban is currently Co-founder/ Chief Commercial Officer for Exits.me ; the first online investment marketplace place in MENA which connects startups and SMEs with potential buyers and investors. She is also the Chief Marketing Officer for Pie Consultancy, a Mergers & Acquisitions firm in MENA. Additionally, Ahella is the founder of Lumas Global, a firm working with youth, entrepreneurs and businesses in helping to bridge the skill related gaps through customized trainings and Market research projects focusing on online digital consumer behavior. Previously, Ahella worked for a several years in academia at The British University in Egypt within the Marketing discipline before moving into the B2B ads Marketing team at Google MENA, helping businesses in digital transformation and consumer insights.