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>Abdelrahman Ahmed

About The Speaker

Abdelrahman Ahmed

Co-Founder, Co-CEO of Shoppy Fit.Abdalrahman Ahmed is a General Physician who lives in Palestine and works as a Medical Doctor. Two years ago, he founded the first telemedicine startup in Palestine which is called "Tebfact " to provide reliable consultations for Palestinians.Abdalrahman also trained a team of 100 well-chosen young medical doctors from his colleagues to write online medical content in the Arabic language to provide the Arab community with evidence-based medical information. This content platform is being visited by 100k users every month!Recently, Abdalrahman started to work on a new venture during an entrepreneurial program in Boston to solve the high return rate problem of online fashion shopping. The solution he works on is a tool that integrates to online stores and allows the shoppers to take highly accurate measurements for their bodies by 3D scanning technology in order to find the perfect outfit for their sizes and shapes.Abdalrahman graduated from IUG Medical School in Palestine with a bachelor's degree in Medicine and General Surgery, he also has 2 years of experience in business development. Abdalrahman feels that he is obligated to tackle even the non-medical issues of the world. He must define himself not only as a doctor, but also a successful entrepreneur, social influencer and innovator. Above all, he must devote his life to supporting others.