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Nowar is a motivational speaker who hosted several events and conferences. She is also the founder o

Rokaya Abdel Rahim is the Lead Graphic Designer at Startups Without Borders. Having graduated  from

Mohamed is a Computer Sciences student based in Cairo, who is deeply interested in volunteering and

I grew up bilingual and was lucky to have had the opportunity to travel a lot starting from a very y

Born in Egypt and raised in the Netherlands, Faiza is a a blogger, marketer, and content writer (asp

Ahmed Abuzaid is a copywriter and designer who often obsesses over art, design, and photography. He

Eslam is a Dubai-based User Experience Designer with a background in marketing and project managemen

Omar Ghayaat works as a Growth Marketing Manager, helping businesses grow faster through performance

Rahma has been involved in the entrepreneurship scene in Egypt for 4+ years, working with different

Valentina is an entrepreneur and a journalist with a Masters in peace studies, Human Rights, and EU